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UnitScreen as a Brand of SHENZHEN UNIT LED CO.,LTD. has been committing to the research and development,production,sales and service of transparent led screen.Products include indoor transparent led display,outdoor mesh led screen,led curtain display,led dot light series, 3D flexible led mesh screen, see through led screen and grill transparent creative display series etc. With excellent quality,advanced technology,perfect service. UnitScreen has acquired 2017 CCTV Spring Festival Evening Gala, Moscow Grand Theatre, Qingdao Shanghe Summit, Guangzhou Fortune Forum, Wuhan Military Games, Taiyuan Second Youth Association, Zhengzhou Minority Games, Jinan High-tech Zone and many other large-scale landscape coustomers's good graces and established a good reputationin the industry.

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UnitScreen has a clear positioning and convince that to be a transparent led wall leader.our main effort is made in the research and development of transparent led screen technology and LED special-shaped and led curtain display technology. Adhering to the high efficiency and longevity, ease of use, low maintenance,little light pollution and high artistic purpose, UnitScreen has developed Transparent Screen Series,LED Mesh Screen Series,Flexible Outdoor LED Curtain Series, They can meet all demands of customers for transparent led wall and lighting decoration. 

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All members of UnitScreen are full of ambition,focus on the field of transparent led screen and determined to become the navigator of transparent led industry.We all hope that with your peers,jointly promote the cause of world energy conservation and sustainable development the society.

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Our Wish: Navigator of City Wisdom Landscape Display Industry!

Our Goal:Lighting Ourselves,illuminating Customers !

Our Mission:UnitScreen Transparent LED Display, the Bridge of Art connected to the Bright World !


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