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What is Transparent LED Screen?

What is transparent led screen?

transparent led display as the name implies is the LED screen like glass with the nature of light through. With 50% to 90% of the permeability, panel thickness is only about 10mm, its high permeability and its special material, structure and installation mode is closely it aslo named as see through led display.

transparent led panel

glass led display principle is the LED strip screen micro innovation, on the patch manufacturing process, lamp bead packaging, control system have carried out a targeted improvement, coupled with hollow design structure, reduce the structure of the components to the line of sight obstruction, improve the permeability and lighting performance.

Due to the peculiarities of glass curtain wall, transparent led wall  is more customized. UnitScreen transparent led panel adopts refined and simplified cabinet design, reducing the quantity of led light bar, transparent led wall can be installed from behind the glass, the unit size can be customized according to the glass size, the impact on the glass curtain wall lighting perspective is also small, and easy to install and maintain.

Transparent LED Display Application Scene

transparent led wall

 1、Stage Art 

LED transparent screen can be set up according to the diversification of the stage modeling, using the LED screen itself transparent, thin and light characteristics, resulting in a strong perspective effect, so that the depth of field of the whole picture becomes longer. At the same time does not hinder the stage design to leave the light hanging and play space, to render a certain atmosphere and dynamic stage, more able to express the theme. 

2、Large Shopping Malls 

LED transparent display of modern art and shopping mall environment, is a shopping mall, glass partition has a wide range of application prospects. 

3, Chain Stores 

The store image with personality can attract consumers to stop and increase the flow of customers. The unique design approach, so that transparent LED display instead of the traditional LED display on the outside wall, more vivid video advertising, let the store cool to the extreme.

4、Science and Technology Museum 

Science and technology museum is an important scene of spreading scientific knowledge, LED transparent display can be shaped customized, as a high-tech effect display, people can perceive the magic and wonders of science and technology through the LED transparent screen. 

5、Glass Window 

With the rapid expansion of the digital signage industry represented by retail, LED transparent screens have revolutionized the retail sector and are becoming increasingly popular in the fields of architectural facades, window treatments and interior decoration. 

6、Architectural Media 

With the development of LED technology. Building media technology has made leaps and bounds, especially in the application of glass curtain wall construction, Glass LED Display is becoming more and more popular.

Transparent LED Display Features:

transparent led wall

1.High transparent effect: transparent led display point spacing of different, light transmittance can be between 50% -95%, perspective effect so that the glass retains the function of lighting perspective, from afar almost can not see the existence of LED lights, making the glass curtain wall of lighting is not affected.

2.Occupying small space, light weight: the thickness of the main board of the screen body is only 10mm thick, LED transparent screen after installation almost does not take up space, does not interfere with the glass curtain wall near other facilities or structures. 14kg/m2 LED transparent screen weight is only 14kg/m2, after installation in the glass curtain wall above the load on the glass curtain wall requirements change very little.

3.Only simple steel frame structure, saving a lot of costs: the product is light, easy to install, does not require complex supporting steel structure, can save a lot of installation costs.

4.Convenient and quick maintenance: Indoor maintenance is quick and safe, saving manpower and material resources.

5.Energy saving and environmental protection: the average power consumption is less than 280W/㎡, do not need the traditional refrigeration system and air conditioning cooling, because the LED transparent screen material is made of aluminum profiles.

How To Choose Transparent LED Screen Manufacturer?

transparent led screen manufacturing

First, look at the market reputation

 When buying a LED transparent screen, investors can ask previous customers they have worked with about the company's strength, integrity, service and other reviews. They can also search for relevant information online to further deepen their understanding. Market reputation is also a performance of LED transparent screen manufacturers product quality and service quality.

Second, look at the industry influence

Before choosing LED transparent display manufacturers can look at the company's industry influence, mainly focusing on industry events and the promotion of the industry, well-known manufacturers of brand influence, wide coverage, will drive the development of the industry.

Third, look at the project experience

Rich transparent led panel case illustrates the company's project experience, only product and quality reliable transparent display manufacturers can make many excellent LED display case projects. At the same time, a wealth of project implementation experience also helps to better implement the project, reduce unnecessary losses and waste in the process.

Four, field investigation

Different Transparent led wall long Aki production process, screen assembly process, installation technology and experience are different, will directly affect the transparent screen production schedule, cost, safety performance, display effect and quality, service life and maintenance costs. You can directly visit the transparent led screen factory to check the production line and quality control.

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